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Eyes Cannot See

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Eyes Cannot See
A recent video by Christian Record about ministering to the blind got me to thinking. How do you describe a sunset to someone who has never seen color? How do you describe a symphony to someone who cannot hear?
John the Revelator, in Revelation, tries to describe things he has never seen to his readers who cannot see his vision. He doesn't have words to describe so he says, "Part of it is like this but another part is like something else."  Only God knows what John actually saw but if he was seeing the technology of our time, think how bewildering that would be to someone even just 100 years ago, not to mention over 2000 years ago. Read Revelation 5 and 6 as a story (not requiring prophecy interpretation). Engage your imagination to "see" what John is seeing.
So how do you tell somone who has never experienced unconditional love about the love of a God who gave up heaven to come to earth, live and die for us? Thinking beyond our western Judeo-Christian culture, how do you tell someone from another culture about this God?
Our Challenge: think of one particular aspect of God's love (unconditional, forgiving, etc.). Using simile (like, as), write several phrases to help someone understand this attribute of God. 
This is hard. I will share mine next week. Hoping to see some very descriptive word pictures from all of you. 

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