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Taste and See
"Taste and see that the Lord is good" challenges the psalmist (Ps. 34:8). Reading in context, we are being challenged to experience God with our whole being. But this verse came to mind as the growing season began. One of the first plants to peak through the  thawing soil is rhubarb. This is the harbinger of spring for me. Therefore, the first rhubarb pie of spring is an annually anticipated event at my house. Last weekend when I made that first pie, I posted about it on Facebook and nine friends, from around the world, "liked" it too. That got me to thinking.
What is God challenging me to experience by placing my entire trust in Him?  How can I share that with others?
Previously we've just focused on getting blessing ourselves from observing and interacting with God's creation and praising Him for it. Time to broaden that horizon. Our challenge this week is to "taste and see" and then invite someone else to share the blessing.  Come back here to tell us what you "tasted" and to share the blessing you got from inviting someone else to experience God with you.

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