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He Lifts Me Up

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He Lifts Me Up
We've experienced serious illness at my house recently. Thankfully we are past that now. However, I look at some my friends who have chronic illness and see how mentally draining that can be. I've had a line from a contemporary Christian song Get Down running through my head....I get down, He lifts me up. That got me to thinking about King David's psalms. Now there was man who faced all sorts of trouble and yet each time, he would turn to God who lifted him up again.
So this week, pick a psalm or even a few verses and re-write it in your own words. Here's mine:
Psalm 31:3-5  There is so much in this world, Lord, that is unstable and insecure. But You never change; You provide a stability I can't find anywhere else. Therefore, show me Your way and guide me into service to You so I may show Your great name to others. Lead me through the mine field of the secular society around me. I cling to your strength and commit my spirit into your hands because You have redeemed me.

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Amy Withrow
2014-04-02 10:34 PM

Psalms 25: 4-7 

Show me your work, Father. Teach me your ways. Please take me by the hand and show me the path of truth. Your my Saviour, right? Log the days of your mercy and love, My Father. Rebuild the places of old. Forgive the sins I gave into. Make your love visible in me! I know you only plan the best for me, Father!